Car repairs That Make You Say Ouch!

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Expensive car repairs


It’s normal for the car parts to wear and break out after a certain amount of time. In case you have a car there’re some car damages which you must take care of so that you avoid incurring expensive repairs. Some of the car repairs are very expensive compared to others, therefore as a car owner, you must decide, it the repair cost is worthy, or you can scarp it so that you can buy a new one. Some of them are as highlighted below:

1. Engines

Some of the common car problems are engine failures. For instance, when your car gets a lot of internal damage and requires a lot of repairs then your engine may have blown out. Some of the things which may cause blown engines are broken rod, leaking oil and damaged valve. The cost that you can incur when you are repairing your engine will depend on the types of engine required by your car, your machine and the type of vehicle which you have.

2. Head gasket

The head gasket is very important to you as it prevents oil from leaking, stops the coolant and seals the engine cylinders. It’s important that you maintain the seal on the head gasket since if you do not that you, it can lead to overheating and your car engine may be damaged further. Repairing the head gasket requires a lot of skills and time and in many cases, it’s done by experts.

3. Air conditioning compressor

The air compressor usually separates the low and high-pressure air from cooling you’re the engine and other parts of your car. There’re so many things which can make your air compressor not to function well, for instance, the valve or rod inside may break or in case your engine belt breaks thereby causing a ripple effect.

4. Turbo

This’s also one of the most expensive car repairs. It usually spins about 200,000 RPM when fully charged and must be allowed to cool down by leaving your engine idle for some time after you have driven for long hours; this minimizes damage. There’re so many things which can damage your turbo, for instance, the turbo shaft imbalance which leads to scrapping against your metal ousing.

5. Camshaft
The camshaft is important to your car as it controls the intake of air by your engine. There’re very chances that it might not breaks, but if you ignore it for long without oil changes and car servicing, the dirt and grime may build up at the valves which might cause other issues.

6. Timing belt
Due to the excessive use, the timing belts require regular replacement since they’re prone to wear and tear. However, replacing the timing shaft alone cannot be very costly but if you neglect that it can cost you a huge amount of money. In case a worn out timing belt breaks down, it can cause serious damage to the connecting rods, camshaft, pistons and valves. If you start to replace all these things you might spend a lot of time and money.